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  Margo Mateas writes the popular “Media Relations Maven” column for Tactics, the official newspaper of the Public Relations Society of America.  

2015 Upcoming Events

June 17-19
Onsite Training San Francisco

June 22-26
Onsite Training Chicago IL


Margo is available to speak to your group on the topic of your choice, or these popular favorites:

Media relations and pitching
Working with social media
Selling your story in 10 seconds or less
Developing Story Angles for Your Business
How to Create Buzz For Your Business or Personal Brand

NEW! These all-new topics are fresh for 2014 -- Don't miss the Maven's dynamic take on these issues!

Saints, Superheroes and Servants -- Which Work Archetype Are You and How Is It Affecting Your Success?
Just Say It: Reduce Your Time in Meetings, Reports and Emails By 75%
Don't Manage, Lead: How to get more out of your team even though you're working with less


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