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  Margo Mateas writes the popular “Media Relations Maven” column for Tactics, the official newspaper of the Public Relations Society of America.  
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government pr trainingThe Maven's laser-sharp custom training is perfect for governmental agencies, associations and non-profits looking to improve staff skills and get them up to speed in proven, real-world tactics.

That's why The State of Wyoming, The Louisiana Department of Tourism, the University of San Francisco, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, the Apple Specialists Marketing Cooperative and many others look to the Maven for high-impact, transformational training.

Non-profits including The American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army all look to the Maven to provide them with pitching training and strategic solutions.

You should invest in media relations training for your government, non-profit or association staff if they:

    Need a refresher in media relations and pitching
  • Have never pitched before
  • Have limited pitching experience
  • Are transferring over from another department
  • Will now be managing the public relations function
  • Are not used to taking a proactive role with the media
  • Need help with forming lasting relationships with reporters
  • Are unsure how to effectively approach and pitch the media
  • Have difficulty writing concise, effective press releases
  • Lack the confidence to really succeed
government media relations training - video clip   See What Clients Say
The Maven’s custom training will give your staff:
  • The same pitching methods used by pros at the nation's top firms
  • A step-by-step, systematic approach to media relations
  • Ways to get feature coverage where you need it most
  • Proven ways to approach and make friends with reporters
  • Tools to get your organization more visibility and respect in the  press
  • New ideas for story angles and press campaigns
  • Confidence to proactively deal with the media

From pitching and media relations skills to management and leadership training, the Maven is the trainer you’ve been looking for.

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