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  Margo Mateas writes the popular “Media Relations Maven” column for Tactics, the official newspaper of the Public Relations Society of America.  

Stop Being Overlooked and Passed Over

Public Speaking TrainingAre you overlooked in meetings? Do you dread making presentations? Are you required to make new client presentations or to speak to the public as part of your job?

Poor Presentation Skills Can Hurt Your Career

Public speaking is an essential skill of every professional communicator. How you speak affects how people think of you – if you speak with command and authority, people respect you. If you hesitate, speak softly, or have trouble maintaining eye contact, people will discount you.

The Maven’s custom presentation skills training is for executives who:

  • Speak to shareholders or executive board members
  • Make sales presentations to new clients
  • Give internal presentations to team meetings and division heads
  • Make presentations at annual meetings and conventions
  • Represent the company at networking or association gatherings 
  • Work with onsite or virtual teams on a regular basis

The Maven’s powerful presentation skills training will give you:

  • Presentation Skills TrainingConfidence to speak to any crowd, no matter how large or small

  • Powerful persuasion secrets that will have the crowd eating out of your hand

  • Proven techniques that automatically put you in control of the room

  • Methods to master fear and eliminate “blanking out” during presentations

  • Dialect, annunciation and inflection techniques to really punch up your speech

When you speak persuasively, things happen. Sales increase. People understand you better. Your ideas begin to actually influence and change other people’s opinions.

You become a respected source of ideas and leadership – and you get noticed by those that matter most

"I'm an experienced presenter who was looking to polish my skills and increase the impact of my delivery. After just a few short sessions, she helped raise my presentation capability to a whole new level.  Now I frequently get comments from the audience about the quality of my presentations, and from colleagues who don't want to present after me for fear of looking bad."

Charles Tralka
Director of Product Marketing
Xilinx, Inc

"Margo's presentation exercises helped me slow down my speech and pronounce words properly.  Now when I speak to members of the media, I feel more confident and my success rate has increased dramatically."

Susie Millheiser
Account Executive

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