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  Margo Mateas writes the popular “Media Relations Maven” column for Tactics, the official newspaper of the Public Relations Society of America.  

Struggling to Find the Right Story Angle?

media trainingAre you or your team struggling to find the right story angle for your campaign? Trying to find a way to make editors give a small story big coverage? Need to get repeat coverage in the same pubs over and over again? Banging your head against the wall trying to break into national press?

Most PR people have never had experience working as copywriters or in other creative capacities. We need to be taught to think this way – and to approach finding story angles like reporters – in order to have a constant supply of story angles whenever we need them. The Maven is an award-winning copywriter and a former newspaper editor and reporter. So she can teach you how to think creatively and like a reporter so you know how to deliver story angles that land every time.

There's always a story - The Maven will help you find it.

story angle trainingThe Maven has found 12 proven ways to generate publicity even when there’s “no news.” These are creative ways to generate tons of press coverage on various aspects of your company that will yield major news and feature coverage for years to come. And any time you need to stimulate new coverage, you can turn back to the 12 methods and start cranking out hits all over again.

Six Flags Generated 157 Unique Story Angles in Less Than a Half Hour!

Think back to your last in-house brainstorming meeting – how effective was it? Did you come out of there with hundreds of new story angles you could start using that day? The Pitching Pyramid seminar is so effective it helped a team of Six Flags PR managers come up with over 150 unique story angles in just 25 minutes. Imagine what this kind of super-charged brainstorming could do for your story angle arsenal!

media training - audio clip   Hear The Maven Speak!
The Pitching Pyramid will help you:
  • Find 12 entirely new places to look for story angle
  • Highlight multiple aspects of your company and personnel
  • Find just the right twist to match any prospective publication
  • Find creative ways of thinking so you’ll never stall out again
  • Land that big feature coverage you’ve always wanted

Your team will come away with:

  • New ideas for entire press campaigns
  • A complete schedule of stories to use all year long
  • Proven ways to land top-tier coverage on all your clients
  • Unlimited ways to generate coverage even when there’s no news
  • Ways to sustain coverage on your company in the same outlets

Stop Being Frustrated and Start Getting Coverage

The Maven’s Pitching Pyramid is the answer to all your story angle needs. You’ll never have to stall out or say, “but there’s nothing new!” again. Now you’ll know exactly what to do and where to go to find loads of information that will result in powerful new story angles. You’ll also learn how to build story foundations that will support your story and make it worth national media coverage. You’ll learn exactly what it takes – the magic formula – to building workable story angles from the ground up.

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