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  Margo Mateas writes the popular “Media Relations Maven” column for Tactics, the official newspaper of the Public Relations Society of America.  


media interview training Are you ready to meet the press?

You can never be too prepared for a media interview. Even the best pros make mistakes because they didn't take time to thoroughly prepare their message and deliver it. The Media Relations Maven works with you through on-camera media training with real-life issues, preparing you for the tough questions reporters will ask about you and your business.

When To Get Media Training

  • When you hire a new CEO -- even if he or she has had training before.
    YOUR message is different
  • When you announce a key new product or line or service
  • When you want to raise the company profile
  • When you want to increase stockholder confidence
  • Before you embark on a media tour
  • Before calling a press conference
  • In a crisis situation
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Who Should Be Media Trained

  • The CEO
  • All Corporate Spokespeople
  • The Public Relations or Communications Director
  • Anyone who will ever speak to the media on behalf of the company
Why Should The Maven Media Train You?

The Maven brings the same real-life, bottom-line honesty to media training as she does in her speeches and other training sessions. With The Maven, you won’t get the same old “block and bridge” techniques taught by other media training firms. You’ll get real-world messages designed to address your unique challenges, along with real-time practice to get you familiar and comfortable with the interviewing process, on and off camera.

What Media Training With The Maven Will Do For You

  • Focus in on your real-life challenges
  • Help you prepare and draft your key messages
  • Work with you on and off camera until you feel completely ready to take on the press
  • Put you through a series of mock interviews ranging from simple to complex
  • Teach you to “meet attacks with facts” and deflect negative questions
  • Stay on track no matter what the interviewer throws at you
  • Help you look calm and confident no matter happens
  • Teach you to engage and charm the audience
  • Help you convey a positive, strong message about your company

You’ll come away from the experience completely confident to conduct press interviews and speak authoritatively about your company.

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