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  Margo Mateas writes the popular “Media Relations Maven” column for Tactics, the official newspaper of the Public Relations Society of America.  

You should provide training for your staff if their writing:

  • public relations writing trainingDoesn't elicit a strong response from editors
  • Requires multiples edits and rewrites
  • Lacks punch and impact
  • Doesn't get to the point or is repetitive
  • Isn't succinct and clear
  • Lacks good sentence structure and form
  • Uses too much jargon
  • Needs editing for grammar and punctuation

Public Relations Writing is a Special Skill

Writing snappy releases and emails is essential to your job as a public relations practitioner. The problem is that most PR pros write releases like they’re writing feature stories – long and full of descriptive words.

Writing a good release is also more than just writing for the traditional journalists’ “inverted pyramid” style. A well-crafted release gives all the information an editor needs without overwhelming her with fancy words, jargon and too much hype.

Make your release stand out from the rest

The Maven employs a custom, 10-step approach to writing releases that’s used by top agencies and corporations. She also gives clients a custom template that they can adapt to their unique needs which makes press release writing a snap.

Your staff will learn to:

  • PR writingCraft strong, compelling releases that journalists love to read
  • Condense complex issues into easily-understood statements
  • Structure releases so editors keep reading
  • Eliminate jargon and fancy descriptors that don’t mean anything
  • Create impactful summary statements that clearly say what the release is about
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines that tell a story
  • Write informational subheads that compel an editor to keep reading
  • Develop meaningful quotes that won’t get cut
  • Think and write clearly, concisely and compellingly
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